Gaya's Writing Stuff

A collection of stuff I've made that may be of use when writing. The word generators are pretty easy to do, so if you want one for your own language, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Word Generators

My own

Word generator - the original, which I made for a conlang I was working with at the time - Roshaalem.

The "Smooth" word generator - since the words in the original word generator tended to be near impossible to pronunce, I made this generator to create words with a generally smoother sound to them.

Another word generator - I have no idea what principles (if any) I used when making this generator, but they sound almost as silly as the original word gen-words. Oh well.

Laydon word gen - Laydon is the language spoken in Laydo, which is part of Tikrops.

Psandin word gen - Psandin is the language spoken in an-Psandehn, which is part of Tikrops.

Birađiša word gen - Birađiša (or Biradhisha, for the lazier) is yet another conlang made by me for a country in Tikrops. Namely Birađo. Which is distantly related to Aki's Virö.

Made for others

Lady Akatari: Viradi - Made for Aki's conlang Viradi, spoken in Virö, which is part of the Tikrops project.

Lady Akatari: Pseudo-Greek - This one is mostly for naming purposes, but I'm mostly happy with is. :-)

KD Sarge: Vralajii - Made for KD's conlang Vralajii.

tayelramyst - Made for Taya, though I have no idea what her language is called.

Zink - Made for Zink... I have no idea what the name of the language is here either.

Broken Moons - Made for BM's conlang.

Other generators

Basic title generator - It's a very basic generator, using the template "(The) Noun of/and the Noun"... but it can still spawn plenty of plotbunnies if you play around with it for a while.

Basic plot generator - Looking for a story idea? This generator will provide you with a title, main and side characters, main and side plots, setting and recurring concepts! It's far from perfect, but it might spawn a few plot bunnies anyway.

Other stuff

Roshaalem - A few pages about my conlang Roshaalem, including dictionary, word generator, grammar and sample texts.