Gaya's Conlangs

Hello, and welcome! I'm Gaya - in case you hadn't guessed it - and this is the section of my site dedicated to the languages I have constructed. Come on in, have a look around, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

What is a conlang?
A conlang is a constructed language. A tongue made up not by a group of people over time, but by one or a few creator(s) over a relatively short period of time. Esperanto is probably the most wellknown, but other examples include Klingon from Star Trek and Tolkien's elven languages Quenya and Sindarin, which pop up all through Lord of the Rings.

How do you make a conlang?
Me, personally, I use the Language Construction Kit as reference and go from there. I decide on sounds and grammar, and make up the rules for the language as far as possible first... and then I start on actually making up words and the like.